Systems Support

Many IT installations are installed professionally, but over the years, the support and day-to-day running of them is left to someone in the office that “knows a bit about computers”.  This can turn into a costly overhead for your business.

While this may make sense some of the time for simple tasks, you should ask yourself:

  • Who would you call when they don’t know what’s wrong?
  • Would they actually admit that they don’t know?
  • How much could that delay harm both your business and your reputation?

Working together, we can put together a support plan that works for you, freeing up your internal resources and giving you the assurance that you have access to a wealth of IT experience and knowledge.

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System Support


It is an often used analogy – you always ensure that your car is regularly serviced to ensure that it keeps running and is reliable… so, why would you do anything less with the IT system that you use to run your business.

In the past, computer system maintenance has been a fairly manual task that included physically checking things.  While this is still very important, many other vital maintenance tasks (checking hard drives, event logs, etc.) can be carried out through managed services – leaving your systems running optimally, all of the time.

We can put together a tailored maintenance package that includes both the remote maintenance and the important physical checks, all incorporated in to one agreement.

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The heart of any computer systems is the hardware that runs it.  This includes any fileservers, desktop machines, network hardware and cabling… pretty much everything you use every day, even if you don’t realise it.

We source our products from industry leaders to ensure that both you, and ourselves, have trouble free operation and use.  We work together with each business so that we can assess what their needs are, both now and in the future, and plan/implement a suitable solution or upgrade.

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We offer solutions from industry leaders that specialise in software that works for businesses and doesn’t impact on computer performance.
Spam is just getting worse, so we offer both onsite and cloud services, depending on your volume of email traffic.
Many businesses provide laptops to employees for use – but, in the event of loss or theft, is your company data protected?
Typically, your first line of defence from intrusion. Whether you require just a firewall or a fully loaded UTM, we can advise according to your needs.
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Passwords can only provide a certain level of protection. With 2FA the security of your data and portals is taken to the next level.
Email/Gateway Protection
Your file servers and email servers require a different kind of protection to your desktops, so we recommend business class solutions.

Hosted Email

In the past, it was typical for a small business to have their own email server on-site – either as a standalone part of the network or, more typically, as part of Microsoft Small Business Server.  Many companies still run this technology and will be aware that the hardware is getting old and that the software has been superseded more than once, but where do you go from there?

Modern Hosted Email platforms can provide you with the full range of tools that the latest Microsoft Exchange platform has to offer.  Whether you choose to use all of them, or just some, is up to you.  Existing Exchange systems can be migrated to this platform, so there is no loss of information.  Why would you go back to an onsite system, when:

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • You have no hardware/software to maintain and keep up-to-date.
  • It will work with all current smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime (Microsoft)

We can provide the correct email solution for you, based on what you use (or would like to use).

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